Variety Hour

Possible talent - Any talent that does not fit into one of the prearranged set categories listed in the manual.  Such instruments as guitar, xylophone, marimba, organ, key board, harp, harmonica, banjo, hand bell, etc. and such things as recitation of poetry, yodeling, impersonation, wood-carving, etc. 

Here are some guidelines to consider as you prepare to share your talent. 

1.  It must be Christ-honoring with a spiritual emphasis.

2.  The talent must be presented in a time frame between 3-6 minutes.

3.  There will be two divisions - Junior High (6th - 8th grade); Senior High (9th - 12th grade).

4.  It should be a well done presentation.

5.  Your talent should inspire and challenge the listeners.

6.  It should be presented with sincerity and enthusiasm.

7.  The contestant will be interviewed after the presentation (one question from each of the three judges); your overall response will be factored in concerning the score.

8.  The Variety Hour is designed to be informal, less structured and not as technical as TFC.

9.  The attire requirements will be the same as those competing in Talents For Christ.


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