Guest Speakers/Special Events

Guest Speakers & Special Services:


Pastor Mike Briggs: 

Psalm 46 11/30/14

Building Up 1/25/15

God's Protection & Promises 4/26/15 

Missionary Andrew Comings:

Back to the Gospel  9/4/16 

Pastor Jeff Stimpson:

4 Things to Learn From the Good Samaratin 12/1/13

Pastor Jeff Stimpson - Pastor & Nancy Seefried's "Farewell" Service 8/31/14

Mel Walker:

Dedication to Ministry in 2 Timothy 3/23/14

Missionary Commissioning & Ordination Service 8/17/14 PM Service

Edward Rarick:

Guest Speaker: Edward Rarick Brokenness (Part 1) 1/4/15

Guest Speaker: Edward Rarick: Brokeness (Part 2) 1/11/15

Phil Vine:

The Story of Hope: Ruth 9/7/14

New Year's Resolutions to Keep! 1/11/15

Pastoral Intern Daniel Vanderkooi

Get Your I.D. Straight 11/17/14

Bringing In 1/4/15

*Special Services:

Pastor Mark Hurlbut's Candidating Message 4/19/15

Missionary Commissioning & Ordination Service 

Teen Testimonies from Snow Camp & Youth Seminars 3/30/15

Bethesda Missions Team Review 4/12/15

Pastor Mark Hurlbut's Installation Service 6/14/15

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